How Can You Help?

Support Ukraine in its Fight for Peace in Europe


Every $1 matters. It will help our country during this horrific time!

  1. The National Bank of Ukraine has created a special account for charitable transfers of funds from international partners and donors:
  2. Monobank (incl SEPA payments) Main digital bank of Ukraine Monobank offers SEPA fast payments alternative option in EUR/GBP for the Ukrainian army:
  3. Come Back Alive SWIFT, crypto, Patreon Helping Ukrainian army with gear, coordination, training, psychological help. Working since 2014:

Ukraine is grateful to every concerned citizen for their support.

Help discover UA web vulnerabilities

If you have some technical expertise in web or network technologies, you can help Ukrainian IT army to discover and fix vulnerabilities of official Ukrainian web resources, which are under constant attack from Russia.

Another help

Support Ukraine NOW is an extensive collection of the ways one can help Ukraine while staying abroad. Visit this website to find verified funds to provide financial help for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, find the petitions you can sign, or the places where people gather for meeting in support of Ukraine.

Support Armed Forces of Ukraine