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📣 Ukrainian paramedic Julia Paevska ("Taira") spoke about the time spent in Russian captivity

In an interview with DW, she noted the terrible psychological pressure and the terrible treatment of prisoners. Taira estimated the probability of her release at less than one percent.

Paevska emphasized that the enemy cannot be trusted because "everything they said was either a perversion or a complete lie."
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🛩 Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the advance of the enemy near Lysychansk, Luhansk region
⚔️ The armed forces are successfully using new weapons supplied by the United States. They also mastered the MLRS HIMARS to defeat Russian command posts.

Foreign Policy journalist Jack Detsch writes about this, commenting on the results of a closed briefing by the US Department of Defense.

A senior U.S. Department of Defense official admits that Ukraine has made it “very difficult” for Russia to conduct operations on Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea by using Harpoon missiles to attack supply ships, he said.
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📍 Meanwhile, mass anti-government protests began in some countries

In Uzbekistan, people took to the streets en masse against changes in the constitution: the elimination of the autonomy of the largest region of Karakalpakstan and the "zeroing" of the presidential terms of the ruling president. The protesters have already secured the release of one of the opposition leaders.

In Libya, protesters set fire to the parliament building and blocked the streets, demanding re-elections. The reason is a power outage and deterioration of living conditions.
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💥 128 days of the war through the eyes of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade, who serves in the Zaporizhzhia direction
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The total estimated losses of the Russian army for today.

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❗️ 3 large landing ships were added to the two enemy missile ships in the northwestern part of the Black Sea

This is reported by the Operational Command "Pivden."

“2 enemy missile ships in the northwestern part of the Black Sea continue to carry on board the threat of more than a dozen cruise missiles. For weightiness, 3 large landing ships were added to them. Not feeling protected, they keep at a maximum safe distance from the coast of Ukraine."
⚡️ Ukraine has exposed Russia as a Not-So-Great powerThe Atlantic

Kyiv’s success against Moscow forces the world to reexamine the assumptions about what it means to be powerful.
💙💛 At one of the largest tennis tournaments, the rules were changed for the sake of Ukraine

Wimbledon organizers allowed athletes to wear ribbons in the colors of the Ukrainian flag as a sign of solidarity with the country.
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💥 Soldiers from the special forces "KRAKEN" showed how the occupiers are disposed of in the Kharkiv region
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📌 Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Gerasimov arrived in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine

According to Russian media, he came to check the work of command posts and "Russian units involved in the "special operation" zone in Ukraine."
🎹 War is fleeting, but music is eternal

The village of Orihiv, in the Zaporizhzhia region, has been under fire from the artillery of the invaders for a long time. Most of the locals left it to escape the war.

The music school, which was renovated two years ago with new musical instruments, was completely destroyed.

Students of the school were winners of all-Ukrainian and international competitions. Now silence and echoes of shelling are heard on the premises. However, sometimes music plays, which makes the shelling inaudible and returns to a peaceful life for a moment.
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🔎 The wives of Buryat military servicemen appealed to the Head of the Republic of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov. They ask to return their men home, who left for training and then for the war back in January. Apparently, the promised light walk for the Russian military in Ukraine failed.
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💥 The defense forces destroyed T-72B tanks, 2 trucks, and BMP-2 with the help of artillery and an HEDP grenade launcher
There was a skirmish between the occupiers near the temporarily occupied Tokmak

“Near the settlement of Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region, temporarily occupied by the enemy, a verbal conflict broke out between the servicemen of the Russian Federation, which developed into an armed skirmish, as a result of which 4 occupiers were killed and about 10 were injured,” the report says. This was reported in the Zaporizhzhia Regional military administration.

The causes of the conflict are ethnic strife and the division of the stolen property of Ukrainians. Invaders in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication with weapons in their hands protect the stolen items from colleagues.
🖌 A mural with the AN-225 "Mriya" aircraft appeared in Boryspil
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❤️ When eliminating the consequences of a rocket attack on a residential building in the Odesa region, it was possible to save the life of a small dog

Ukrainians value every life, the Russian invaders have devalued the entire nation,” the Odesa Regional Emergency Service noted.
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📹 Ukrainian border guards found a hard drive with data on Russian occupiers in the Chernihiv region

The found carrier contains more than one hundred gigabytes of data about the anti-aircraft artillery unit of the Russian Federation from the Moscow region: the staff list with biographies of the Russian military, technical documentation of weapons and military equipment.

Now Ukrainian law enforcement officers have photographs, characteristics and copies of the passports of the occupiers.

Video: footage from the hard drive
⚡️ The risk of a direct armed conflict between NATO and Russia exists

The reason for the war between the Russian Federation and the Alliance may be Moscow's attack on Lithuania. This was stated by former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.